Faculty Directory

Department head: Gary R. Sands

Name Position/title Research Email
Abdennour Abbas Assistant Professor Biosensors and bionanotechnology for food safety, environmental control, biodiagnostics, and biodefense aabbas@umn.edu
Khalil Ahmad Adjunct Assistant Professor kahmad@umn.edu
Laura Babcock Adjunct Faculty Production quality of biobased materials, efficiency in manufacturing biobased materials lbabcock@umn.edu
Lawrence Baker Research Professor Ecosystem analysis for pollution reduction and urban sustainability baker127@umn.edu
Brett Barney Associate Professor and Director of Graduate Studies Bacteria and algae based biofuels, biofertilizers for aqua/agriculture bbarney@umn.edu
Frederick Bergsrud Professor Emeritus Land and water resources, water quality, sustainable agriculture bergs003@umn.edu
Mrinal Bhattacharya Professor Biodegradable polymers, tissue engineering, nanobiosensors bhatt002@umn.edu
James L. Bowyer Professor Emeritus Applied wood science, life cycle analysis, environmental and forest policy jbowyer@umn.edu
Jonathan Chaplin Professor Machinery design for precision agriculture/farming, economic and safety benefits from agricultural robots jchaplin@umn.edu
John Chapman Assistant Professor Soil erosion prediction and control, storm water quality chapm155@umn.edu
Paul Chen Research Associate Professor Food engineering and safety, wastewater treatment chenx088@umn.edu
Chuck Clanton Professor Environmental management for livestock facilities and systems clant001@umn.edu
Erin Cortus Assistant Professor Process-based modeling of gas production in livestock barns; collection and analysis of pollutant emissions from broiler, layer, swine, dairy, or beef operations; managing heat stress and energy use in livestock facilities  ecortus@umn.edu
Mindy L. Erickson Adjunct Assistant Professor and Research Hydrologist Metals and organic chemicals in groundwater eric0984@umn.edu
Omar Espinoza Associate Professor Manufacturing/supply chain improvement, sustainable product management and marketing oaespino@umn.edu
Gary Feyereisen Adjunct Professor Nutrient cycling in agriculture gary.feyereisen@ars.usda.gov
Rebecca Forman Adjunct Professor and Education Specialist Stormwater management and permitting rebecca@umn.edu
Rob Gardner Assistant Professor Industrial applications for microbial processes (biorenewable energy, bioremediation) rdgardne@umn.edu
Charles Geng Adjunct Professor Biprocess development, implementation and equipment design gengx003@umn.edu
Roland O. Gertjejansen Professor Emeritus Wood-based composite products rgertjej@umn.edu
Louise Goldberg Adjunct Professor goldb001@umn.edu
Philip Goodrich Professor Emeritus Sustainable waste management engineering, anaerobic digestion, renewable energy goodrich@umn.edu
David T. Grimsrud Professor Emeritus Indoor air quality and building energy efficiency grimsrud@umn.edu
Sara Heger Adjunct Assistant Professor Wastewater treatment, septic systems sheger@umn.edu
Jason Hill Associate Professor Life cycle analysis of food, energy, and agriculture hill0408@umn.edu
Jeff Howe Adjunct Professor Natural resources, forestry jeff@dovetailinc.org
Bo Hu Associate Professor Process development for bioenergy, biomaterials, and bioproducts bhu@umn.edu
Peter Huajiang Huang Research Assistant Professor Biorefineries, product separation/purification, biomass huang159@umn.edu
Patrick Huelman Associate Extension Professor Residential building systems and technology, energy efficient design huelm001@umn.edu
Forrest Izuno Professor Value-added crops/cropping systems, social and economic improvements for rural areas izuno001@umn.edu
Sonia Maassel Jacobsen Adjunct Instructor Water management jaco1026@umn.edu
Larry Jacobson Professor Emeritus Livestock housing systems, air emissions jacob007@umn.edu
Kevin Janni Professor Air quality, ventilation, and mitigation for livestock facilities and systems kjanni@umn.edu
Roman Kanivetsky Adjunct Professor Water resources, groundwater kaniv001@umn.edu
Dharma Kodali Research Professor Use of fats/oils for food and industrial applications  dkodali@umn.edu
Christian Lenhart Research Assistant Professor Ecological restoration, hydrology systems lenh0010@umn.edu
Brock Lundberg Adjunct Assistant Professor lund0302@umn.edu
Joe Magner Research Professor Watershed management and policy, hydrologic pathways, pollutant management jmagner@umn.edu
Peter Marchetto Assistant Professor Sensors and sensing systems for environmental applications, outdoor robotics pmarchet@umn.edu
Cindy McComas Adjunct Associate Professor Renewable energy and efficiency, pollution prevention mccom003@umn.edu
R. Vance Morey Professor Emeritus Biomass for combined heat and power at ethanol plants, biomass densification, post-harvest issues of grains rvmorey@umn.edu
HS Muralidhara Adjunct Professor Biologics, membrane applications hmuralid@umn.edu
Beth Nelson Associate Professor and Director of Research and Education Programs SARE Local and sustainable food systems schre002@umn.edu
John Nieber Professor Hydrologic processes simulation and modeling, impact of land use activities on water quality nieber@umn.edu
Harlan D. Petersen Professor Emeritus Wood drying, wood-moisture relations, lumber grading, wood selection and use, and wood products marketing peter016@umn.edu
Heidi Peterson Adjunct Professor Soil and water conservation hpeterson@ipni.net, pete6495@umn.edu
Joel Peterson Adjunct Professor pete0185@umn.edu
Anu Ramaswami Professor Environmental modeling and technology, sustainable design for urban systems anu@umn.edu
Shri Ramaswamy Professor Process and products engineering, transport processes, structure-property relationships, integrated biorefining  shri@umn.edu
Leo Raudys Teaching Specialist raudy004@umn.edu
Roger Ruan Professor Microalgae for food production and wastewater treatment ruanx001@umn.edu
Gary R. Sands Professor and Department Head Water management and quality for agricultural systems grsands@umn.edu
Simo Sarkanen Professor Thermoplastics from lignin biosynthesis and biodegradation sarka001@umn.edu
Elmer L. Schmidt Professor Emeritus Wood deterioration/protection schmi010@umn.edu
David Schmidt Research Engineer and Instructor Air and water quality of animal agriculture systems schmi071@umn.edu
Steve Severtson Professor Coatings and adhesives, polymer films sever018@umn.edu
Timothy Smith Professor Corporate sustainability, product stewardship, sustainable systems policy and market adoption timsmith@umn.edu
Ulrike Tschirner Professor Biomass used for fuels and products, pulping and bleaching, recycled fiber tschi007@umn.edu
William T.Y. Tze Associate Professor Nanocellulose/nanocomposites, adhesion of biobased materials wtze@umn.edu
Goutham Vemuri Adjunct Assistant Professor gvemuri@umn.edu
Ping Wang Professor Nanobiotechnology, biocatalysts for biotransformation ping@umn.edu
Bruce Wilson Professor Water quality of agricultural watersheds, hydrologic modeling wilson@umn.edu
Jerrold Winandy Adjunct Professor jwinandy@umn.edu
Ce Yang Assistant Professor Sensing systems and hyperspectral imaging for precision agriculture  ceyang@umn.edu