Academic & Administrative Staff

Name Position/title Email Phone
Jean Andreasen Program Administrator, North Central SARE Program [email protected] +1 612 626 3113
Joan Benjamin Coordinator, North Central SARE Program [email protected]
Elizabeth Brownlee Farmer Rancher Grant Coordinator, North Central SARE Program [email protected] 812-405-5681
Marie Flanagan Communications Specialist, North Central SARE Program [email protected] +1 612 625 7027
Erik Joerres Student and Program Support Specialist [email protected] +1 612 624 9603
Pete Kane Principal Accounts Specialist [email protected] +1 612 626 5127
Rachel Kraft Mattson Communications & Admin Specialist [email protected] +1 612 624 1293
Dana Lehigh Finance Professional 2 [email protected] +1 612 625 4217
Heidi McEllistrem Office Support Assistant [email protected]
Wendy Moylan Finance Professional 3 [email protected] 612-624-3051
Sue Olsen Executive Office and Administrative Specialist, Graduate Program Coordinator [email protected] +1 612 625 7733
Erin Schneider Adminstrative Associate, North Central SARE Program [email protected]
Susan Seltz Administrative Director [email protected] +1 612 624 3089
Anna Sundgaard Executive Office & Adminstrative Specialist [email protected]
Betsy Wieland Associate Director, North Central SARE Program [email protected] 612-626-6556

Research Staff

Name Position/title Email Phone
Yi ru Chen Sarkanen Researcher 5 [email protected]
Leilei Dai Post-Doctoral Associate [email protected]
Lingkan Ding Researcher 5 [email protected]
MaryGrace Erickson Post-Doctoral Associate [email protected]
Gnanaselvan Gnanasekaran Post-doctoral Associate [email protected]
Drew Hauge Researcher 3 [email protected]
Kerry Holmberg Researcher 3 [email protected]
Elmira Kaffashsaei Post-Doctoral Associate [email protected]
Weiran Li Post-Doctoral Associate [email protected]
Frank Liu Researcher 6 [email protected]
Juer Liu Researcher 5 [email protected]
Licheng Liu Researcher 5 [email protected]
Anil Meher Researcher 5 [email protected]
Alireza Sanaeifar Post-Doctoral Associate [email protected]
David Schmidt Researcher 5 [email protected] +1 612 625 4262
Lucas Stolp Teaching Specialist [email protected] +1 612 626 7501
Xiao Sun Researcher 5 [email protected] +1 405 612 5310
Jessica Till Research Associate [email protected]
Yuchuan Wang Post-Doctoral Associate [email protected]
Jie Yang Post-Doctoral Associate [email protected]
Qi Yang Post-Doctoral Associate [email protected]
Nanshan You Post-Doctoral Associate [email protected]
Akli Zarouri Researcher 4 [email protected]
Yuanhang Zhan Post-Doctoral Associate [email protected]