With interdisciplinary expertise and a demonstrated track record in innovation and collaboration, the department is a leader in bio-based economy, ecological health and environmental sustainability. Our research is focused on eight key strategic areas aligned with the department’s mission and vision.

Air Quality and Agricultural Systems

Ag machine

How do we improve environmental impacts from animal agricultural production?

Building Systems

house being built

How do we make buildings more energy efficient, healthy, safe, and sustainable?

Land and Water Resources

forest trees

How do we manage land use to improve water, air and soil quality?

Environmental Management and Sustainable Systems

sustainable wind energy

How can we improve the environmental sustainability of a business or a product?

Biomass Conversion and Utilization

biomass flow

How can we replace fossil fuels with renewable resources for materials, chemicals and energy?

Renewable Energy

algae to energy

How do we create renewable energy from biological resources?

Bioengineering, Biotechnology, Bioprocessing

biochemical mixing

How do we understand and engineer the properties of biological systems?



How do we better process our food and make it safer?