Graduate Students

Director of graduate studies:  Roger Ruan

Name Degree Areas of Interest Advisor
Adriana Alvarez De La Hoz Ph.D.

Microalgae as renewable resources; Biomass utilization; Biobased products; Soil amendments, biofertilizers and biostimulants; Agriculture and food systems; Soil resource; Sustainability

Bo Hu
Claire Anderson Ph.D.

Lignocellulose Decomposition

Jonathan Schilling
Laura Bender Ph.D. Chris Lenhart
Natalia Calixto Manicipe Ph.D. Brett Barney
Jesus Castano Ph.D. Jonathan Schilling
Kimberly Colgan Ph.D.

Food Systems, Climate, and the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Jason Hill
Leilei Dai Ph.D.

Chemical recycling of waste plastics

Roger Ruan
Daniel Furuta Ph.D.

Pollution monitoring methods, sensing systems, electronics

Bruce Wilson
Madisen Gittlin Ph.D.

Sustainable Food Systems, Waste Management, Global Climate Change

Jason Hill
Fatemeh Heidari Ph.D. Bo Hu
Carolann Knutson Ph.D.

Microbial Genetics, Nitrogen Fixation, Renewable Energy

Brett Barney
Francisco Lahoud Ph.D.

Hidrology and Remote Sensing

John Nieber
Ying Lei M.S. Steve Severtson
Chenxi Lin Ph.D.

Remote sensing, Sustainable agriculture, Deep learning

Zhenong Jin
Siane Luzzi Ph.D.

Hydrogelogy, Water Quality, Soils, Wastewater Treatment, Nitrate Track

Joe Magner
Chad Nelson M.S. Erin Cortus
Matthew Petri Ph.D.

Sustainable Systems Management

Omar Espinoza
Kathryn Phillips Ph.D.

Life Cycle Assessment, Sustainable Production Systems

Timothy Smith
Aaron Pietsch M.S.

Urban Stormwater, River Hydrology, Agricultural Water Use, Plant Taxonomy

John Chapman
Joseph Rauzi M.S.

Waste Reduction, Environmental Remediation, Process Efficiency, Cellulosic Biofuels and Bioproducts, Renewable Energy

Ulrike Tschirner
Rosalind Russell M.S.

Sustainable Food Systems, Regenerative Agriculture, Social Equity

Gary Sands
Koushik Sampath Ph.D.

Food processing, Industrial safety, Renewable Energy, Unit operations, Process Engineering, Refining, Effluent treatment

Shri Ramaswamy
Erin Schwister M.S. Brett Barney
Fengyun Shi M.S.

food Image processing

Yang Ce
Hunter Simpson Ph.D. Jonathan Schilling
Nandini Singh M.S.

Bioremediation of Pollutants

Jiwei Zhang
Noelle Soriano M.S.

Air Quality, Agricultural Emissions, Systems Thinking

Erin Cortus
Vinni Thekkudan Novi Ph.D.

Nanobiodiagnostics, Food Safety, Environmental Safety

Abdennour Abbas
Jaime Thissen M.S.

Renewable Energy and Safety

Roger Ruan
Nathan Utt Ph.D.

Engineering water management systems to maximize both economic and environmental benefits. 

Gary Sands
Leif Van Lierop Ph.D.

Bioremediation, fungi-plant interactions, fermentation

Bo Hu
Chao Xu Ph.D. Ping Wang
Yufeng Yang Ph.D.

Precision agriculture

Zhenong Jin
Leikun Yin Ph.D.

Sustainable agriculture management, crop mapping

Zhenong Jin