Courses and Electives

A student wearing protective goggles concentrates on using an eyedropper to pour liquid into a test tube.

View a current course listing and other requirements for each major:

Online courses

We offer a variety of online courses on topics such as renewable energy, food sustainability, recycling, and more. The courses also meet liberal education credits.


Electives vary based on your major.

Bioproducts and biosystems engineering major

Technical electives are required for each specialization (click the links below for additional information on the specializations):

Sustainable systems management major

Students are encouraged to make choices that strengthen their expertise in an area and provide comparative understanding from another culture or discipline. To this end, students should strongly consider using free electives to complete a university minor, study abroad experience, or a student-designed content area.

Learning outside the classroom

Enhance your education and gain experience in your field by learning outside the classroom.

Learning abroad opportunities

Community involvement and service-learning