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A Technology Race to Stop the Mass Killing of Baby Chicks

An Estimated six billion newly hatched male chicks are killed world-wide every year. BBE Professor, Dr. Abdennour Abbas, is employing machine learning to try and identify differences in gasses released by male and female eggs. 

Researchers look to wastewater treatment plants to recover dwindling phosphorus supplies

Faculty member Dr. Bo Hu and a team from the University of Minnesota work to develop a more cost effective and efficient way of recovering phosphorus from farm water runoff. Read the full story in the Star Tribune

Report pinpoints meat production as the leading source of deadly pollution

Research from BBE's Jason Hill finds that animal production is responsible for the vast majority of air quality-related health impacts from U.S. food. 

Events and announcements

BBE's 2021 Hybrid Golf Outing June 11-17th

Register now for our annual golf outing sponsored by Lake States TAPPI! This year's event will be hybrid, play at Les Bolstad golf course, or at a course and location of your choice. Proceeds go towards BBE scholarships. 

Three BBE UROPs featured in the 2021 Virtual Undergraduate Research Symposium!

Watch our undergraduate students Marissa Hart, Abby Reinert, and Shreya Shivkumar's virtual UROP presentations that cover research on organic waste use for polymers used in biodegradable bioplastic, earlier detection of invasive aquatic species using functionalized cellulose filters, and increasing porosity and surface area of biomaterials to provide additional surface area to react with enzymes

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