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Reducing global food system emissions key to meeting climate goals

Reducing fossil fuel use is essential to stopping climate change, but that goal will remain out of reach unless global agriculture and eating habits are also transformed, according to new research from the University of Minnesota and University of Oxford. Read the full article here

Tracing embedded water in US meat and ethanol supply chains

Professor Tim Smith and Researcher Taegon Kim contributed to this study.
View a video and read about it here.

Covid Projects Continue in Abbas Research Lab

The Abbas Research Laboratory has three ongoing projects related to SARS-COV2 detection and COVID-19 diagnostics. 

Events and announcements

Professor Ruan Receives IAAM Scientist Award

Congratulations to Professor Roger Ruan on receiving the IAAM (International Association of Advanced Materials) Scientist Award. To view his IAAM Award Lecture in the Advanced Materials Lecture Series 2020 click the link above!

Dharma Kodali Receives Stephen S. Chang Award

Congratulations to Dharma Kodali, recipient of the Stephen S. Chang Award from the American Oil Chemists' Society.

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