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Tracing embedded water in US meat and ethanol supply chains

Professor Tim Smith and Researcher Taegon Kim contributed to this study.
View a video and read about it here.

Covid Projects Continue in Abbas Research Lab

The Abbas Research Laboratory has three ongoing projects related to SARS-COV2 detection and COVID-19 diagnostics. 

Research on Conversion of Low Value Byproducts to Biodegradable Bioplastics

Professor Simo Sarkanen is researching the conversion of low value byproducts to biodegradable bioplastics

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Dr. Li joins us this fall as Assistant Professor of Robotics, Sensors, and Manufacturing in Sustainable Agriculture and Environmental Management.

Originally from China, Dr. Li received her bachelor’s at Tsinghua University, then attended Washington University in St. Louis, MO. to pursue her Ph. D. at WashU—Li’s focus was on particulate matter sensors. From there, she went on to pursue her postdoc at Carnegie Mellon University, expanding her research into air quality sensors.


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