Alumni & Community

Our alumni, industry and agency partners, and donors play a vital role in our department's success. They mentor and advise students, give to scholarships and programs, support research, and more.

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Why get involved?

  • Develop the future workforce and leaders
  • Help shape the curriculum and education of students
  • Help students achieve their career goals
  • Help recruit and retain students
  • Work with faculty and students on our research
  • Network with peers and industry leaders

"My experience in “giving” to BBE is no different than any of the rest of you who volunteer your time or donate resources to your favorite charities- what you get back is much bigger than what you give. I not only “get back” exceptionally talented students who become very successful employees, but I also get to be involved with very professional and dedicated faculty and staff who deeply care about students. I get to see what is being considered for the future, and I get to be directly connected to one of the biggest, most vibrant universities in the country." - Bruce Johnson, President of Viking Forest Products

How to get involved

Join the Advisory Council
Play an active role on how our department recruits, advises, and places students

Make a gift
Give a financial gift that will make a difference for our students and programs

Be a mentor
Enroll in one or both of the college’s mentor programs

Participate in our capstone course
BBE Capstone & SSM Capstone
Propose real world project ideas, serve as an industry advisor to projects, help students build confidence

Support our research
Work with faculty on research, fund research projects, support graduate students gain valuable research experience for a career in researc


Stay in touch

Share your story, update your contact information
Tell us about your experience as a University of Minnesota student or as a professional to be shared with our students, update your contact information

Employers: Hire our students and graduates
Let us help you promote your open positions


Maroon and Gold Network

This free career and networking resource syncs with preexisting LinkedIn profiles and has powerful search options that allow you to find alumni who share career interests. You can browse by industry, college, major, degree type, employer, and geographic location. You can also share your expertise and help other BBE alumni on specific topics. Learn more at the Maroon and Gold Network website below.

Connect with CFANS Alumni
Find the latest news and get involved with the College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences alumni.

Connect with CSE Alumni
Find the latest news and get involved with the College of Science and Engineering alumni.


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