Sustainable Systems Management Major



Building science and technology specialization
Explore opportunities that can enhance the performance of houses and building systems

Corporate sustainability systems specialization
Advance the goals of sustainability within a business, industrial, corporate, and non-profit organization context

Energy systems specialization
Focus on the advancement of sustainable energy systems, solutions, and their applications

Sustainable products business management specialization
Apply sales, marketing, and business management to advance the goals of products and technologies and bring them closer to consumers 

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Why study sustainable systems management?

Decisions in the private and public sectors are being made with greater consideration of their full range of economic, environmental, and social impacts. Greater global demand for energy, land, water, and other raw materials are forcing us to rethink how we use our resources for the greater good.

There are tremendous opportunities to address these needs by:

  • Closing material loops
  • Recovering resources
  • Increasing energy efficiency
  • Minimizing and mitigating environmental pollution
  • Ensuring best management practices over entire supply chains
  • Embracing renewable resources and renewable energy, sustainable technologies, materials, and products

Degree requirements and admission

Sustainable systems management is a bachelor of science program offered by the University of Minnesota College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Science (CFANS).

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