Department Faculty


  • Ulrike Tschirner
    Director of the Bioproducts and Biosystems Engineering undergraduate program
  • Roger Ruan
    Director of the Bioproducts and Biosystems Science, Engineering and Management graduate program


Abdennour Abbas Associate Professor Biosensors and bionanotechnology for food safety, environmental control, biodiagnostics, and biodefense
Min M. Addy Research Associate Professor Food Safety, Food Processing, and Renewable Energy
Lawrence Baker Research Professor Ecosystem analysis for pollution reduction and urban sustainability
Brett Barney Associate Professor Bacteria and algae based biofuels, biofertilizers for aqua/agriculture
Mrinal Bhattacharya Professor Biodegradable polymers, tissue engineering, nanobiosensors
Jonathan Chaplin Professor Machinery design for precision agriculture/farming, economic and safety benefits from agricultural robots
John Chapman Assistant Professor Soil erosion prediction and control, storm water quality
Paul Chen Research Professor Food engineering and safety, wastewater treatment
Erin Cortus Associate Professor Sustainability and environmental stewardship in and around livestock facilities and systems
Omar Espinoza Associate Professor Manufacturing/supply chain improvement, sustainable product management and marketing
Jason Hill Professor Life cycle analysis of food, energy, and agriculture
Bo Hu Professor Process development for bioenergy, biomaterials, and bioproducts
Peter Huajiang Huang Research Associate Professor Biorefineries, product separation/purification, biomass
Patrick Huelman Associate Extension Professor Residential building systems and technology, energy efficient design
Natalie Hunt Teaching Assistant Professor Sustainability, ecosystem modeling, life cycle analysis
Forrest Izuno Professor Value-added crops/cropping systems, social and economic improvements for rural areas
Kevin Janni Professor Air quality, ventilation, and mitigation for livestock facilities and systems
Zhenong Jin Assistant Professor Mapping agriculture features using high-resolution satellite imagery, forecasting crop yields, integrating crop models with remote sensing for precision nitrogen management, impacts of climate change on agroecosystem
Christian Lenhart Research Assistant Professor Ecological restoration, hydrology systems
Jiayu Li Assistant Professor Air quality and low-cost air quality sensors
Joe Magner Research Professor Watershed management and policy, hydrologic pathways, pollutant management
Beth Nelson Associate Professor and Director of Research and Education Programs SARE Local and sustainable food systems
John Nieber Professor Hydrologic processes simulation and modeling, impact of land use activities on water quality
Shri Ramaswamy Professor Process and products engineering, transport processes, structure-property relationships, integrated biorefining
Roger Ruan Professor and Director of Graduate Studies Thermochemical converstion, solid and liquid waste utilization, nitrigen fixation, and food engineering
Gary R. Sands Professor and Department Head Water management and quality for agricultural systems
Simo Sarkanen Professor Thermoplastics from lignin biosynthesis and biodegradation
Steve Severtson Professor Coatings and adhesives, polymer films
Vasudha Sharma Assistant Extension Professor Irrigation water management
Timothy Smith Professor Corporate sustainability, product stewardship, sustainable systems policy and market adoption
Ulrike Tschirner Professor Biomass used for fuels and products, pulping and bleaching, recycled fiber
William T.Y. Tze Associate Professor Nanocellulose/nanocomposites, adhesion of biobased materials
Ping Wang Professor Nanobiotechnology, biocatalysts for biotransformation
Bruce Wilson Professor Water quality of agricultural watersheds, hydrologic modeling
Ce Yang Assistant Professor Sensing systems and hyperspectral imaging for precision agriculture
Jiwei Zhang Assistant Professor Plant biomass degradation in microbes