David Schmidt

David Schmidt
Researcher 5
306 BioAgEng Building

1390 Eckles Ave
St. Paul, MN 55108
United States

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Makerspace, Renewable Energy


David loves teaching! He is passionate about meeting students where they are and providing them with practical learning opportunities. Since 2011, 75% of his focus has been teaching a large online class entitled “Renewable Energy and the Environment.” During the rest of his time David is focused on helping others with their online classes, filling in for faculty on sabbatical and most importantly, managing the BBE Makerspace. In his role in the makerspace he provides students an opportunity for active learning allowing them to learn new skills, make mistakes, solve problems, and be creative. Things that are important for wherever life takes them. In his off hours David drives his all electric Nissan Leaf, owns a couple of solar panels in a community garden, and does lots of gardening. He also is committed to a yoga practice, does some tent camping, and helps out in the community.