Research Opportunities

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We have an active research faculty that strives to address challenges in various topics related to environmental sustainability, bio-based economy, and ecological health. Some may have opportunities for you to work on a project in their lab or in the field.

Getting started:

  1. Check out each of our eight research areas and determine which area you're interested in.
  2. Contact a faculty member involved in the research area you're interested in and ask about their availability.

Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program

The University of Minnesota Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) is a great way to pursue research and prepare for a career or graduate school. A faculty member serves as your mentor on a project and you receive funding in the process.

Getting started:

  1. Find a faculty member you'd like to do a project with. How to find a faculty member to be your mentor
  2. Contact the faculty member and ask about their availability. They will become your mentor if they're available to work with you.
  3. Discuss and work with your mentor on your proposal and project.
  4. Submit your application and project proposal to UROP.

More information

Past UROP projects with our faculty

  • The Effectiveness of Policies on Renewable Energy Production (with Professor Espinoza)
  • Microbial Electrochemical Approach to Degrade Antibiotic Residues in Animal Wastewater (with Professor Hu)
  • Electrically Conductive Paper from Nanofibers (with Professor Tze)
  • Effect of Increased Flow Volume on Sandbar Vegetation Colorization and Sediment Deposition in the Minnesota River (with Professor Lenhart)
  • Harvesting of Microalgae through the Co-Culture with Fungi for Biodiesel Projection (with Professor Hu)
  • Performance Evaluation of Cross-Laminated Timber Manufactured with Aspen (with Professor Espinoza)
  • Oxidative Depolymerization of Lignin and the Production of Muconic Acid (with Professor Tschirner)
  • Hydraulic and Contaminant Effects of Tiling a Rain Garden (with Professor Nieber)
  • Colorimetric Biosensors for Real Time Monitoring for Food Storage (with Professor Abbas)