BBE Researchers help cities reduce stormwater pollution in a changing climate

March 9, 2022

BBE professor Larry Baker led a project with a goal to quantify the removal of nutrients such as phosphorous and nitrogen by street sweeping and determine whether enhanced street sweeping could reduce urban runoff pollution at its source.

BBE DEI hosts Indigenous Perspectives Webinar

February 28, 2022

BBE's DEI committee held their first Diversity Equity and Inclusion Seminar with the Society for Ecological Restoration. Watch the recorded webinar that features guest speakers who provide an indigenous perspective on the topics of climate change, restoration, and the environment through language.

BBE offers accelerated program to obtain Bachelor's and Master's degrees in five years

February 17, 2022

To help curb the costs and promote a clearer route to graduate school, BBE developed an Integrated Degree Program (IDP), also known as the 4+1 program. 

Alumni Spotlight - MacKenzie Styrlund

February 14, 2022

MacKenzie Styrlund graduated with a Bachelor of Corporate Environmental Management, now known as the Corporate Sustainability Systems specialization under Sustainable Systems Management major.

She currently works for Target Corporation in Minneapolis as a Lead Program Manager.

BBSEM graduate student awarded Louise T. Dosdall Fellowship

February 14, 2022

Claire Anderson, a PhD candidate in the Bioproducts and Biosystems Science, Engineering and Management (BBSEM) program has been awarded the Louise T. Dosdall Fellowship for her research on degradation mechanisms of brown rot fungi.

Researchers develop tools for building better storm water management facilities

January 6, 2022

Professor John Nieber and his team's project has the potential to mitigate flawed storm water infiltration facilities by creating simple to use tools and better testing protocols.

Engineering sustainable food with plant-based proteins

December 20, 2021

By the end of 2020, countrywide retail sales of plant-based foods had increased by 27 percent. BBE major Maddi Johnson took notice and began assisting with research in the optimization of pennycress and alfalfa protein extraction.

Alumni Spotlight - Meghan Pieper

December 16, 2021

Meghan Pieper graduated with a degree in Bioproducts Engineering in 2019. She currently works for Puris as a process engineer helping to start up a new pea protein plant, which will be used for plant based protein solutions.

Get to know our almumna!

Drying up inefficiencies in manufacturing processes

December 16, 2021

Professor Shri Ramaswamy and his team of researchers aim to make paper manufacturing more efficient – and that’s just the beginning. By substituting fossil-based energy with renewable energy, they aim to decrease the carbon footprint of manufacturing processes.

Making things stick with sustainable science

December 13, 2021

Professor Steve Severtson leads research in the area of industrial adhesives partially or entirely made of materials derived from renewable organic material. These bio-based adhesives are on their way to become a part of the growing billion dollar industry.