Energy Systems Emphasis

wind energy

Advancing sustainable energy systems, solutions, and their applications

Greater global demand for energy is forcing us to rethink how we use our resources for the greater good.  We need sustainable and renewable sources to provide energy for a growing population.

You will learn how and what kind of energy is used within a system and its cost. That system could be a manufacturer, a campus of buildings, or a farm.

You'll also learn how to identify alternatives to current energy needs. Can efficiency be improved through optimization or upgrades to operations to reduce the demand for energy? Could the required energy demand be met with sustainable sources from renewable energy sources?


Minors and certificate

Admission and degree

You can apply for admission to the University of Minnesota College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences.

You will graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Sustainable Systems Management with an emphasis in energy systems, which will appear on your official transcript.

Research opportunities with our faculty

We have an active research faculty, and some may have opportunities for you to work on a project.

As a student with an emphasis in energy systems, you may want to consider the following research area within our department:

Also explore research opportunities through the Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP).


Learn more about careers in energy systems and see a sample list of employers.

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