Online Courses

We offer interesting and thought-provoking online courses, taught by our faculty. University of Minnesota students can fulfill their required liberal education credits completely online.

Online course topics include:

  • Renewable energy
  • Renewable resources
  • Renewable materials
  • Food sustainability
  • Water sustainability
  • Recycling

Registration and list of online courses

You do not need to be a University of Minnesota student to enroll in our online courses. They are available for everyone.

BBE 1002: Biorenewable Resources

Learn the environmental, technological, social, and economic implications of the use of biorenewable, wood- and agriculture-based biomass resources and products.

  • Available in fall and spring 
  • Meets Technology & Society designated liberal education theme

BBE 2201: Renewable Energy and the Environment

Cover elements of renewable energy technologies and policies as well as the social, environmental, and economic effects of using renewable and non-renewable sources.

BBE 3201: Sustainability of Food Systems: A Life Cycle Perspective

Reviews the consequences and diversity of global food system and current topics in food sustainability.

  • Available in fall, spring, summer
  • Meets Global Perspective designated liberal education theme

BBE 4001: Chemistry of Biomass and Biomass Conversion to Fuel and Products

Learn the application of chemical principles to sustainable utilization of biomass for renewable materials, chemicals, plastics, energy, and other products.

  • Available in fall
  • Meets Environment designated liberal education theme

BBE 4305 / 5305: Pulp and Paper Technology

Learn about pulp and paper manufacturing and applications.

  • Available in spring

SSM 3301: Global Water Resource Use and Sustainability

Is water a birthright? Explore the many facets of water, Earth’s most abundant resource. Examine the complexities of scarcity, water quality, and protection.

  • Available in fall, spring
  • Meets Environment designated liberal education theme

SSM 3503/5503: Marketing of Bio-based Products

Intro to marketing function as it relates to current/emerging bio-based products industries (building materials, paper, fuels, etc.).

  • Available in fall

ESPM 3601: Sustainable Housing: Community, Environment, and Technology

Learn the role of technology, environment, and community on sustainable housing.

  • Available in fall, spring
  • Meets Technology & Society designated liberal education theme

ESPM 3605 / 5605: Recycling: Extending Raw Materials

Learn the principles and practice of recycling and the impact of technology, energy, and environment for sustainable material utilization.

  • Available in spring
  • Meets Technology & Society designated liberal education theme