Fresh vegetables.

Researchers work toward novel engineering and technology solutions for safe and healthy foods and healthy lives.

Challenges being addressed 

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Food Nanotechnology

Using nanotechnology to safely improve the quality of food products and enhance their functionality.

Make Sure Our Food is Safe

Developing tools for the public and industry to help detect pathogens, toxins or contaminants in food and water in a timely and cost-effective way.

Protect Our Food

Developing technologies to help detect food adulteration (illegal modification of the food content to reduce cost), counterfeiting and other malicious or criminal actions on food supply.

Smart Food Packaging

Working to innovate new concepts for active and bioresponsive food packaging.

Healthy Food, Healthy Lives

Improving stability, safety, nutritional value, and health benefits of food products through engineering processes.

Maximizing Value of Animal Feed Co-products from Biofuels Manufacture

Effectively processing of corn ethanol coproducts maximizing the feed value without adversely affecting ethanol production.

Use of Imaging 'Eyes', Chemical 'Nose' and Drones for improved Apple Yield and Quality

Estimating site-specific yield and ripeness of an apple orchard by integrating chemical sensing, airborne imaging and ultrasonic sensing and unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV, drone).

Food Processing Engineering

Developing processes for non-thermal pasteurization and extraction of foods.

Nondestructive analysis of foods

Study food processes and stability using nondestructive analytical techniques including nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) and mangetic resonance imaging (MRI).