Environmental Management and Sustainable Systems

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Researchers use sustainability analysis and environmental management systems and solutions for effective resource utilization, manufacturing processes and products.

Challenges being addressed

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Design and Analysis of Sustainable Drainage Ditches for Agriculture

Designing and analyzing alternative designs that mimic the shape of natural streams and rivers. They are stable, remove contaminants and improve fish and wildlife habitat.

Low Impact Sustainable Development of Built Environment

Improving the sustainability of our built environment by using techniques that mimic the native hydrology, such as low impact development.

Managing Excess Water in Agricultural Systems

Protecting the environment with prudent management of water and waterborne impacts on the landscape. We develop tools to assist agricultural producers in managing the soil water resource, both in times of excess and deficit water.

Managing Sustainable Development Through Local Watershed Planning

Engaging with local units of government to examine how water excess and scarcity can be addressed given a changing climate.

Phosphorus Sustainability

Efficient use and re-use of phosphorus, a vital resource for food production,but is a non-renewable resource with finite reserves. 

Social Delivery

Exploring the potential of reduced carbon and local air emissions associated with the last-mile of delivery from online shopping. 

Waste Not: Closing the Loop on Organic Wastes

Learning how urban organic wastes (sewage biosolids, pre-consumer and post-consumer food waste, and urban vegetation waste) are generated, how they flow through coupled city-farm systems, and how these flows can be re-engineered to improve sustainability.

Alternative Applications for Forest Biomass

Finding improved uses for forest-based materials and biomass.

Effective Erosion Control Approaches

Evaluating erosion control product effectiveness, considering performance and life cycle costs.

Effectiveness of Sustainable Manufacturing Processes

Improving operational effectiveness for environmental performance.

Environmental Sustainability of Bio-based Products

Perceived environmental performance of biobased products.

Food Systems Sustainable Supply Chain Tool

Developing spatially explicit environmental assessment of firm-specific supply chains influential in the improved management of corn and soy agricultural systems. 

Increase the Sustainability of Livestock and Poultry Production in the United States

Developing and evaluating methods and technologies to reduce environmental pollution on the farm.

Supply Chain Indicator Assessment Tool

A simple, scalable, open and interactive tool to help managers identify and manage CO2 and water impacts of procurement/sourcing portfolios.

Sustainable Product Development and Implementation

Incorporating environmental performance into the product development process.

Wetlands and Streams and Their Applications to Ecological Restoration and Management

Interactions of soil, plants and water in wetlands and streams and their applications to ecological restoration and management,and sustainable agriculture.