Nan Zhou

Post-Doctoral Associate
103 BioAgEng Building

1390 Eckles Ave
Room 200 BioAgEng
St. Paul, MN 55108
United States


Areas of interest:

Biofuel and bioenergy; Microwave-assisted pyrolysis; chemical recycling of plastic waste; structured catalyst development; non-thermal plasma processes; poultry barn air sanitization.


  • Ph.D. University of Minnesota Biosystems Engineering 
  • M.S. Oklahoma State University Biosystems Engineering 
  • B.S. Xi’an Jiaotong University Energy & Power Engineering

Selected publications:

Zhou, N., Dai, L., Lyu, Y., Li, H., Deng, W., Guo, F., ... & Ruan, R. (2021). Catalytic pyrolysis of plastic wastes in a continuous microwave assisted pyrolysis system for fuel production. Chemical Engineering Journal, 129412.

Zhou, N., Zhou, J., Dai, L., Guo, F., Wang, Y., Li, H., ... & Ruan, R. (2020). Syngas production from biomass pyrolysis in a continuous microwave assisted pyrolysis system. Bioresource Technology, 314, 123756.

Schiappacasse, C., Peng, P., Zhou, N., Liu, X., Zhai, J., Cheng, Y., ... & Janni, K. A. (2020). Inactivation of Aerosolized Newcastle Disease Virus with Non-thermal Plasma. Applied Engineering in Agriculture, 36(1), 55-60.

Peng, P., Schiappacasse, C., Zhou, N., Addy, M., Cheng, Y., Zhang, Y., ... & Ruan, R. (2019). Sustainable Non-thermal Plasma‐Assisted Nitrogen Fixation—Synergistic Catalysis. ChemSusChem, 12(16), 3702-3712.

Zhou, N., Liu, S., Zhang, Y., Fan, L., Cheng, Y., Wang, Y., ... & Ruan, R. (2018). Silicon carbide foam supported ZSM-5 composite catalyst for microwave-assisted pyrolysis of biomass. Bioresource Technology, 267, 257-264.