SSM Student Spotlight - Chloe Beaudoin

Chloe has long blond hair and is wearing a cropped black cardigan and moss green skirt.

Chloe Beaudoin
Pursuing a Bachelor of Sustainable Systems Management in the Corporate Sustainable Systems specialization
Anticipated graduation date: Spring 2023

Where are you from? Describe what your hometown and/or family is like?

I'm from Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Most of my family still lives there but my little sister recently moved to Arizona! My mom is a teacher and my dad is in sales. We have a dog named Batman and a cat named Mango. :)

Why did you choose Sustainable Systems Management?

Originally I was an Environmental Science major but I chose to switch to SSM because I am really interested in the business aspect of sustainability. Business is a key part in transitioning from a fossil fueled world to a more renewable one.

What has been a favorite course or project in your program?
My favorite course in my program so far has been environmental economics. It gave me a really good understanding of how economics and sustainability are intertwined. The course also gave us a chance to write a memo to our state senators on an evaluation of an environmental regulation. I thought it was good practice to integrate current regulations as an activity for the class.

What student groups or extracurricular activities are you involved in and why?

I'm involved in SSM club, BBE ambassadors, and intramural soccer. SSM club is a great way to make friends in the major and participate in activities outside of school. BBE ambassadors is a great club to be in if you want to be involved in department decisions. Intramural activities are a great way to make friends outside of your major and move your body!

What are your career goals after graduation?

After graduation I would ideally love to be a sustainability specialist for an agricultural corporation or a nonprofit in the city. At some point I would also be interested in going to grad school to study environmental economics.

Is there anything else you'd like to share with the BBE/SSM community?

Being involved in the various clubs/activities BBE and SSM offer are a great way to make friends and contacts in the department, don't be afraid to drop by a meeting or event and say hi:)