Susan Seltz receives 2023 BBE Civil Service/Bargaining Unit Outstanding Service Award

October 10, 2023
An illustated image with gold streamers and confetti with a photo of Susan Seltz

Susan Seltz is the recipient of the 2023 BBE Civil Service/Bargaining Unit Outstanding Service Award! This award recognizes Susan's commendable performance and exceptional contributions to the teaching, research, and service mission of the department.

Some excerpts from Susan's nomination materials capture her talents, contributions, dedication, and leadership to the BBE department.

Susan Seltz is an invaluable member of the BBE department, consistently exceeding her duties with dedication, efficiency, and meticulous attention to detail. Renowned for her proactive approach, she often volunteers for administrative tasks, ensuring seamless organization of events and meetings. Her role as the primary contact for Human Resources in BBE has seen her support students, faculty, and staff alike. Over recent years, her contributions have been pivotal in facilitating smooth transitions in departmental leadership.

Susan's positive attitude, combined with her adept problem-solving skills, ensures she's always ready to assist in any capacity. As an administrative director, she has innovatively streamlined departmental procedures and actively participates in various committees. Her calm demeanor, even under stress, highlights her exceptional emotional intelligence. Many regard her as one of the most outstanding staff members, a testament to her extraordinary contributions to BBE.

Congratulations Susan! Thank you for your dedication to our students, faculty, and staff.