BBE students share their internship experiences

October 18, 2021

If you or your company has an interest in providing an internship, co-op, or other employment opportunity for
BBE students, please contact Ulrike Tschirner to find out how to get involved.  

Raghav works in a lab wearing a white coat, safety goggles, and gloves while holding up a vile with yellow fluid in it.









"Advice I would give to fellow students wanting to seek out an internship is keeping an open mind. Being open to different opportunities and new challenges is important when seeking an internship. In addition, having a goal of networking within your company, asking many questions, and staying engaged in any way is also important when seeking out an internship. Lastly, it is okay to not know everything."

- Treasure Agbonkhese




"I highly encourage you to apply to all internships, even the ones that might not seem interesting to you. The job could turn out to be something you love."

- Ethan Pickering





"I found this opportunity at the CSE Career Fair where I met my eventual Manager. If you have any interest in working with HB Fuller, I would love to put you in contact with someone in Analytical or Research & Development who could tell you more about upcoming opportunities."

- Maddi King, [email protected] 





"My advice for fellow students looking for internships is threefold. First, keep applying to jobs, interviewing for positions, and trying new avenues even if you are deadly sick of it. Never give up! Second, utilize the resources that the College of Science and Engineering provides you including, resume review, practice interviews, cover letter review, ect. It is important to get a second pair of trained eyes so you can give your best to employers. Third, look for an internship that will provide you with the opportunity to learn and that will excite your learning. There is SO much to learn when working with a company and it is important to value the growth the position will provide you."

- Alli Graper