Food and Bioproducts Engineering Organization: TAPPI Student Chapter

A compilation of FABEO student group photos.

TAPPI (Technical Association of the Pulp and Paper Industry) fosters interaction between bioproducts engineering students, builds relationships with industry connections, and offers an opportunity to participate in national events, student newsletters, and other outreach activities. FaBEO is the student chapter of TAPPI and PIMA. For more information, contact TAPPI faculty advisor Ulrike Tschirner.

FaBEO meets every Thursday from 5-7PM in Kaufert Lab room 302. 

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Projects Fall 2023

  1. Anaerobic Digestion: Testing different conditions and biomasses to see yields of biogas to determine best parameters
  2. Mead Production: Testing parameters to determine the best biomass to ferment in alcohol

Projects Spring 2023

  1. Shredder and Extruder project has continued
  2. A lignin based film was researched and produced which will then be used to coat ceiling tiles to prevent them from sagging and more effectively resist water damage.


Projects Fall 2022

  1. Plastic Shredder and Extruder for 3D printer filament waste

    1. Acquired a previously made but not functioning shredder and extruder from Anderson Labs that was constructed as a capstone project, with the goal to be able to recycle 3D printer waste into new filament. Project involved modifying the machine so it is functional and adapted to our specific needs, and able to shred plastic.

  2. Reused cooking oil to make biodiesel, soap, and candles.


Projects Fall 2021

1) Practicing fermentation of Kombucha and making paper from the waste cellulose

2) Designing an outdoor system for (efficiently and cost effectively) growing algae outside and preventing contamination

Intended impact → make algae more economically viable as a bio-based feedstock for biofuels, pharmaceuticals, and more

Projects 2019-2020

1) Greens bubbler for the university student run organic farm, Cornercopia

What? A bathtub sized wash basin outfitted with our PVC pipe design and an air pump.
Why? The system creates air bubbles to agitate the water and wash dirt from greens produced at the farm.
Impact: Uses less water than washing by hand and saves workers time

2) Creating paper from the invasive species, buckthorn

Collaboration: A professor at UMN who bought goats to eat buckthorn on her property, makes soap bars from the goat milk, and wants buckthorn paper to package her goat milk soap.
(the professor also brought in supplies one day to make goat milk soap with FaBEO!)

Projects 2018-2019

1) Producing PHA plastic from coconut coir using microbes

Collaboration with Environmental Engineering Solutions, P.C.
Read more about the project.


 2) Biofiltration of agricultural runoffs with biochar for HAFA (Hmong American Farmers Association)

Read more about the project.