Research Opportunities

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Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program

The Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP) is a great way for students to pursue their interest in research. Students work with a faculty mentor and receive a scholarship in the process. Proposals for UROP projects for Spring 2018 will be due in October 2017 (specific date to be determined).

Examples of Recent UROP Projects with BBE Faculty

  • The Effectiveness of Policies on Renewable Energy Production (with Professor Espinoza)
  • Microbial Electrochemical Approach to Degrade Antibiotic Residues in Animal Wastewater (with Professor Hu)
  • Electrically Conductive Paper from Nanofibers (with Professor Tze)
  • Effect of Increased Flow Volume on Sandbar Vegetation Colorization and Sediment Deposition in the Minnesota River (with Professor Lenhart)
  • Harvesting of Microalgae through the Co-Culture with Fungi for Biodiesel Projection (with Professor Hu)
  • Performance Evaluation of Cross-Laminated Timber Manufactured with Aspen (with Professor Espinoza)
  • Extraction of Montmorency Cherry Pit Oil (with Professor Kodali)
  • Oxidative Depolymerization of Lignin and the Production of Muconic Acid (with Professor Tschirner)
  • Hydraulic and Contaminant Effects of Tiling a Rain Garden (with Professor Nieber)
  • Colorimetric Biosensors for Real Time Monitoring for Food Storage (with Professor Abbas)

BBE Faculty and Research

First, find a research topic that's of interest to you. Then, contact a faculty member about their availability.