Renewable Energy

algae energy

Researchers are developing innovative sustainable renewable energy technology solutions and their effective implementation. Challenges being addressed include:

Biofuel Cells and Energy Storage

Pursuing bio-based nanostructured carbon electrodes for energy storage, and biofuel cells for direct power generation from biochemical and biomass.

Biorefining for Renewable Energy

Developing technologies to produce energy and materials from renewable resources and mitigation of environment impacts of human activities.

Biomass Pre-treatment for Improved Yield of Fermentable Sugars

Exploring several methods of pretreating biomass to allow for better release of sugars such as glucose from cellulose in biomass which can then be used for bio-ethanol.

Biosynthetic Approaches for Renewable Energy and Fertilizer

Producing unique oils which could replace conventional fuels with biofuels and replace current industrial fertilizers with biofertilizers. We are also involved in efforts to obtain oils from algae.

Impact of Alternative Utilization of Biomass in Existing Industries and Communities

Assessing the implications of increased use of forest biomass in established industries and timber-reliant communities.

Integrating Variable Renewables, Regional Grids, and Distributed Resources

How might a new electricity system integrate intermittent and distributed renewable and demand response resources into a reliable and resilient electricity system?

Integration of Renewable Energy Technologies in Dairy and Swine Production

Reducing fossil-fuel consumption in agricultural (animal) production systems through renewable energy generation, energy conservation, decreased GHG emissions, and energy optimization of production systems. 

Lignin Biosynthesis

Creating lignins within plants and trees that are much easier to manipulate for maximum conversion of the cellulose and hemicelluloses to liquid biofuels.

Microalgae and Fungal Oil for Alternative Biofuels and Bioenergy

Investigating microalgae and fungal oil as an attractive source for biofuel production. 

Photosynthetic Conversion of Solar Energy

Photosynthetic conversion of solar energy into biomass, biofuels, and specialty chemicals.

Renewable Energy Cogeneration in Forest Products Industry

Cogeneration benefits and barriers to adoption in the wood products industry.