Jaime Thissen

Roger Ruan

BS-Environmental Science, Honors Program, University of Wisconsin-River Falls

MS-Technical Systems Management, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign


Jaime Thissen in currently a former NIOSH Trainee and SURGE Fellow. Colleagues have described him as a rising star in the fields of agricultural safety, health and rural development. Jaime has also worked as an intern for the United Nations Environment Program for the Regional Office of North America where he assisted in projects advising Congress and the international community at-large on environmental issues including tsunamis. He was also a lead research assistant for the Environmental Indicators of North America. He went on to become one of the organization’s youngest paid consultants in history. Additionally, Jaime has worked with the United States Department of Agriculture, Buccleuch Estates administered by the Royal Family in Scotland, the University of Minnesota Solar Vehicle Project and has collaborated with NASA and the Department of Aerospace Engineering in the assessment of post-landing transportation on a manned mission to Mars. Jaime has participated in over 50 professional presentations and has received numerous academic based honors and awards in his career. He participates in the DRES Ally Program and has mentored students in the MUSE and PURE Programs and conducted recruiting in the College of Engineering with the MERGE Program. Jaime is also Chair Emeritus of the Renewable Generation Committee in ASABE.

Areas of Interest

Renewable Energy and Safety

Select Publications

Thissen, Jaime and Davidson, Dr. Paul C. “Sustainability Indicators for Selected Greenhouse Production Facilities in North America”. Journal of Agromedicine, Approved for Publication December 2020.

Thissen, Jaime and Davidson, Dr. Paul C. “Safety Considerations for Controlled Environment Agriculture in the Era of COVID-19”. Journal of Agromedicine, Under Review.

Thissen, Jaime. “An Analysis of the Effects of Grey Squirrels (Sciurus carolinensis) on Sustainable Forestry Practices at Buccleuch Estates.” Proceedings of the Eighteenth National Conference on Undergraduate Research. Digital CD-ROM. 2004.

Thissen, Jaime. “The Consensus for the Breadth and Depth of Environmental Indicators, as well as the Contexts and Techniques for Their Measurements, are Seen to Vary Widely for State of the Environment Reporting in North America.” Proceedings of the Nineteenth National Conference on Undergraduate Research. Digital CD-ROM. 2005.