Learning Abroad

Learning abroad is an ideal way for students to gain experience in their field and to grow as an adult. Below are stories from a few of our students about why they chose to go abroad and how helped them as they prepared for their career.

Cody - Bioproducts Engineering

Photo of Cody in NorwayCody participated in the Science and Engineering Exchange in Norway
I chose to go abroad to experience life through a different viewpoint and gain technical credits that would not only prepare me for graduation but life as well. I think this experience will help me prepare for my career by forcing me to think about things differently through gaining experience studying and living with people from different cultural backgrounds. I also think that having experience living abroad has made me a more desirable job candidate for global companies that occasionally require employees to interact with various locations around the world.

Ajaj - Bioproducts Marketing and Management

Photo of Ajaj in MoroccoAjaj studied Arabic Language and Culture in Morocco

I wanted to learn Arabic by immersing myself in it. Fez was the absolute best place to do this. With an Arabic program years ahead of the University of Minnesota's, this program allowed me to progress much further in this language than I otherwise would have. This program also offers a home stay, which is ideal. Moreover, the University of Minnesota, and CFANS especially, are extremely helpful in aiding students find and pay for these programs. Anyone who thinks that studying abroad is too expensive simply hasn't been informed of how easy it really is thanks to this institution.

Sadly, this program will not likely help me in the career I am currently in but I do feel it is literally the greatest thing I have ever done in my life thusfar. I encourage everyone to study abroad. We all seem to waste our young years and focus on "studying hard" and "getting a good job" while we are in college. What we forget is that these are the best years of our life. Why not have an adventure? Studying abroad will never be something you regret and I would go again in a second.

Noah - Environmental and Ecological Engineering

Noah participated in a Scholarship Exchange In Iceland

I chose to study abroad in Iceland because of the incredible natural beauty there and the unique environmental problems the country faces. Iceland has one of the most fragile ecosystems in the world, and farming and developing in such an ecosystem creates a variety of challenges related to soil quality, water quality, and biodiversity. In studying there I aim to learn about these challenges and how they can be approached from an engineering perspective. Through classes, participating in research, and experiencing the country's environments firsthand, I hope to expand my horizons and deepen my knowledge of Environmental and Ecological Engineering.