USDA-ARS, Soil and Water Management Unit

University of Minnesota, Saint Paul Campus

Summer Internship Opportunity for Undergraduate Students

Description of Internship

This internship will provide an undergraduate student with hands-on laboratory and field experience working on research to evaluate contaminants associated with urban agriculture and/or the use of vegetative buffers and management practices to reduce contamination of surface waters near golf courses.    

At the completion of the internship, the student will have a greater understanding of experimental design, proper sample collection and storage, and how to extract and measure contaminants from solid, liquid and/or air samples.  Skills learned may include programming automated water samplers, operating a rainfall simulator, performing manual and automated solid phase extractions, operating an accelerated solvent extractor, and concentrating samples with manual and automated systems in preparation for instrumental analysis.  Demonstrations will be provided on state-of-the-art analytical equipment used to measure concentrations of contaminants. In addition, the intern will be instructed in the use of computer software to quantify and manage data.

The described skills are readily transferable to other scientific disciplines (e.g. biological, food or medical studies).  In fact, students that have worked in our lab and learned these skills have found employment with MN watershed districts, MPCA, Land O Lakes, and Cargill.  If this sounds interesting to you we invite you to apply and become part of our team.


The ability to work as a team member and individually.  Both the laboratory and field work required attention to detail.  Laboratory work requires fine motor skills (dexterity). Some work may involve strenuous outdoor field work.  A valid driver’s license is required. We require a minimum time commitment of 12 hours per week, 3 hours minimum per shift, greater time commitment is available and preferred.   Wage $11.32 - $12.72 per hour.


How to Apply

Please email your resume or curriculum vitae to