Summer Internship with Phibro, Ethanol Performance Group

Saint Paul, MN

This is a summer internship for undergraduate engineering students.

Description of Internship

  • Responsibilities include: Collecting and recording experiment samples, perform sample assays, perform data analysis and reporting, maintain laboratory supplies, learning, listening, and taking initiative.

  • Skills that will be developed: laboratory data management; laboratory safety and hazard analysis, prioritization between tasks, quality control and quality management, learn how to set-up, operate, and clean/turn around bioreactors, microbial fermentation and physiology

  • Networking opportunities are abundant, within both Phibro Ethanol Performance Group and its parent company Phibro Animal Health Corporation.  Phibro EPG is located inside the University Enterprise labs, a sprawling >100,000 ft2 facility with 40+ biotechnology and technological companies and startups, common areas, and atrium where one can meet with and mingle with other companies, experts, and peers.  UEL also sponsors events like learning lunches, speakers, and social events.

  • Evaluation & feedback methods: regular, candid feedback from supervisor and lab mates, open door policy with supervisor and accessibility in person, by email, phone, or text; formal feedback sessions at least twice (midpoint, end) or as often as requested.

Cross-Functional Learning Opportunities

  • Biotechnology

  • Science in a commercial/business setting

  • Renewables and the renewables markets

  • Chemistry, biology, microbiology, statistics, math, marketing, data analysis

  • Fermentation and renewable products

Education, Experience, and Skills Required

  • At least 3 years of college completed in majors such as microbiology, biology, biochemistry, biotechnology

  • Preferred experience in a biology, biochemistry, or microbiology lab as part of coursework or project

  • Skills required include: Effective interpersonal, organization and planning skills, creativity, innovation, attention to detail, ability to work well with peers to accomplish team goals

How to Apply

Apply directly through goldpass