Careers in Food Engineering

Food engineers design and develop systems for production, processing, distributing, and storing food and agricultural materials.

Applications include food safety and quality, biorefining, pharmaceuticals, and environmentally-friendly packaging.

Graduates are employed by industry and consulting companies. For students who take advantage of the many internship, co-op, or research assistantships available in the department, and who do not limit their job search geographically, job placement is nearly 100%.

Starting salaries for recent graduates ranged between $45,000-$60,000.


Job titles

  • Food engineer
  • Process engineer
  • Bioprocess engineer
  • Plant engineer
  • Project engineer
  • Product development engineer
  • Research and development engineer
  • Food safety and quality engineer
  • Plant manager
  • Apprentice researcher
  • Engineering consultant
  • Food and process engineer
  • Manufacturing plant manager
  • Process safety engineer
  • Product design engineer
  • Product manager
  • Research engineer
  • Research and process engineer
  • Research scientist
  • Systems engineer