Adriana Alvarez De La Hoz

Post-Doctoral Associate
310 BioAgEng Building

1390 Eckles Ave
St. Paul, MN 55108
United States


My current research explores applications of microalgae in agriculture and evaluates their effects on soil structure and soil nutrient and microbial dynamics. This research is conducted in collaboration with the Agricultural Research Service-USDA in Morris, MN. In the doctoral program, I developed a growing interest in the potential of microalgae for improving the ecosystem services of agriculture, tackling food insecurity, enhancing water treatment, and as key players for climate change mitigation. I am motivated to contribute to a wider inclusion of microalgae as renewable resources in agriculture and food supply chains through research, development and technology transfer of algae-based products for soil fertility and plant growth and/or food/feed-related products that enhance the sustainability and resilience of our food and agriculture systems. My previous experience is related to biochemical characterization of bacterial and fungal enzymes with agro-industrial applications, molecular typing of bacterial isolates of epidemiological interest, cell culture and immunology, and data processing for the pharmaceutical industry.


Ph.D. - Bioproducts and Biosystems Science, Engineering and Management (BBSEM), University of Minnesota

M.Sc. - Biotechnology of Microorganisms, University of the Andes, Merida-Venezuela, 2011

B.S. - Biology, National University of Colombia, Bogota-Colombia, 2005


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  • Castro, R., Álvarez, A., Machado, E., Mendoza, M., Gómez, R. & García, P. (2011) Caracterización de una quitinasa extracelular producida por Serratia sp. BIOMI-363706 usando quitina coloidal como sustrato. Revista de la Sociedad Química del Perú 77(2), 101-108. Title translation: Characterization of an extracellular chitinase produced by Serratia sp. BIOMI-363706 with cholloidal chitin as substrate.
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