New Classes for Spring '17

November 11, 2016

AcadmicsThe Department of Bioproducts and Biosystems Engineering is pleased to announce the following courses new to our department for spring 2017. 

We encourage students to enroll to strengthen their educations in engineering, and help prepared them to be career ready. 


BBE 4418: Advanced Building Science Applications

A capstone applications course, where students will learn how to apply key building science principles (from BBE 4414/5414: Advanced Building Science: Fundamentals) to common building enclosure and mechanical system problems. Students will be guided to develop both qualitative and quantitative solutions for many common energy, moisture, and indoor air quality problems facing contemporary buildings.
Contact Professor Pat Huelman with questions. 

BBE 4743 / 5743: Nanobioengineering and Nanobiotechnology BBE 4743 5743 Flyer

This course will educate on the interdisciplinary areas of bionanotechnology/nanobiotechnology and nanobioengineering, including engineering principles and inherent technological applications.
Contact Professor Abdennour Abbas or Professor Ping Wang with questions.
View flyer here (PDF).

BBE 4753 / 5753: Air Quality and Pollution Control Engineering BBE 4753 5753 Flyer

This class focuses on air quality and pollution control engineering systems. Including: Air pollutant sources, emissions transformations, dispersion, fate and impacts. Also, this class is an introduction to air quality and pollution laws, regulations and permits. Additional topics include: Control technologies including energy conservation, cyclones, electrostatic precipitators, fabric filters, absorbers, adsorbers, incinerators and biofilters. 
Contact Professor Kevin Janni with questions.
View flyer here (PDF).