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Now Hiring: Assistant Professor, Data Analytics for Precision Agriculture

We're seeking candidates for a nine-month tenure track assistant professor in the areas of data analytics for precision agriculture with 50% research and 50% teaching responsibilities. Read full job description and apply.

Could Algae Be Dairy's Next Food Source?

 BBE Professor Rob Gardner and his research team from the West Central Research and Outreach Center think so. Read more.

University of Minnesota BBE Researchers Turn Scum Into Savings by Producing Biodiesel

Researchers at the University of Minnesota have found a way to turn scum into savings, something they said has never been done before. Read More.

2017 Richard C. Newman Art of Teaching Award and Community Impact Award Recipients

Congratulations to BBE faculty member Chuck Clanton, and Forest Resources faculty member Eli Sagor for their achievements! Read More.

MN team wins second place in Race to Zero Student Design Competition

University of MN team competed in Golden, CO on April 22 - 23 in the U.S. Dept. of Energy's Race to Zero Student Design Competition. Read more

Terrestrial Fungi with Aquatic Legacies - Fungi in Biofiltration and Buffers

Associate Professor, Jonathan Schilling will be presenting today at 3:00pm in Borlaug Hall, Room 375. Click for more information on Professor Schilling's presentation

Researchers Engineer Super Sponge

Mercury is toxic and removing it from water is challenging. Our Professor Abdennour Abbas and team created a sponge to help. Read more.

Super sponge filtering water

Not All Bioplastics Created Equal

Research suggests forest residuals provide cleaner feedstock for bio-based plastic than fossil fuels or row crops. Read more. 

Plastic Bottles, stock

Spoilage Alert

Scientists in BBE's Biosensors and Bionanotechnology Laboratory are improving food safety. Their work could lead to a better bottom line for the food industry and improved safety for the U.S. food supply. Read more. 

BBE Info Sessions • Spring 2017

Curious about BBE and SSM degrees offered by our department? Attend an upcoming drop in information session! 

Food Waste into Fuel

BBE professors and researchers' work aims to turn food waste into fuel, feed and fertilizer. Read more.

Food Scraps

First-Class Female Faculty

BBE boasts some of the best. Even with the best plan, you don’t always know where life is going to take you—and that can end up being a very good thing. Read more.

U of MN's Ammonia Program

The U of MN is the locus of a a unique and globally significant collection of research efforts that promise to have significant impacts in the ammonia industry and the broader energy sector. BBE's Professor Roger Ruan's work is included in the efforts. Read more.

USDA Report: Corn Ethanol and Gasoline

Ethanol greenhouse gas emissions much lower than gasoline, BBE Faculty Jason Hill comments. Learn more...

Gasoline Pump Des Moines Register

UMN Press Release: BBE's involvement of bio-based industry projects

Department to conduct pulp and paper and other bio-based industry projects for new institute. Learn more...

Ramaswamy and Stolp in Lab

Zhang Takes Home $2,500 Prize

BBSEM grad student Xin Zhang takes runner-up at the Dow Sustainability Innovation Student Challenge Award competition; four total BBE students selected as finalists. Learn more...

Online Courses Offered Every Semester

Curious? Find out more, and learn online about renewable energy, renewable resources, food sustainability, recycling, and more!

Helping Smithfield Lower Emissions

Emissions changes are in sight for a leading pork producer thanks to BBE faculty and crew. 
Smithfield Foods Sign

Student Spotlight: Adriana Alvarez De la Hoz

What drives Adriana to research microalgae for an alternative energy source? 

CSE Winter Light Show

Dec. 2, 3, 8, 9 & 10
Don’t miss this on-campus winter tradition! The CSE Winter Light Show is a student-designed 3D outdoor experience featuring more than 200,000 LED lights set to music, some of which is written and recorded by University of Minnesota students. 

Schilling Full Steam Ahead

It has been a busy year for Associate Professor Jonathan Schilling. Find out why! Hint: Grants, publications & websites, oh my!

New Classes for Spring '17

Three new BBE courses are available this coming spring that will help you strengthen your engineering skills, and be career ready. 


Lenhart Interviewed by CSA News

Take a closer look at stream geomorphology with Dr. Lenhart: "I think a lot of the end goal of cleaning up the Minnesota River is about the ecology or the biology."  

Microbes as Renewable Energy Systems

Assistant Professor Dr. Rob Gardner researches the interface between microbiology and chemical engineering to harness naturally evolved microbial processes to convert sunlight into useful products. Read more about his innovative work.

Seminar Presentation Tues. 10/18

Enabling Bioeconomy and Sustainability: Technologies for Fuels and Chemical Production from Lignocellulosic Biomass - Presented by Dr. Seema Singh

Economies Sustainably Planning Ahead

WTIP North Shore Community Radio recently spoke with BBE Post-Doc about circular economies. 

Capstone Success Story in ASABE Mag

An outside-the-box senior capstone project, helping villages in the developing country of Somalia with water sharing. 
Dania Baloow Borehole

BBE Welcomes Fulbright Scholar

PhD student Jesus Castano Colciencias joins the Schilling Biodeterioration and Biodegradation Lab. 

Getting rid of the green on Fleming Lake

Subtraction-by-addition approach puts green plants on lake to rid it of algae.

Prof. Jacobson Retires After Nearly 42 Years

Professor and Extension Engineer Larry Jacobson retired in June after nearly 42 years of teaching, research, and outreach.

Sustainability Book Release

BBE Teaching Specialist Leo Raudys authors new book, "The Cheap Guide to Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility" now available. 

Systems-Level Thinking for Cities

Read the latest from BBE Professor Anu Ramaswami and team, published on Besides advances in technology and big data, a higher order systems-level thinking is necessary to enable infrastructure transition in Indian cities. 

2016 Honors and Awards

Announcing faculty, staff and student award recipeints for the 2015-2016 academic year. View complete list here

Lori Krider to receive UMN's Doctoral Dissertation Fellowship

More on BBE's graduate student and her recent high achievement fellowship award from the Univeristy of Minnesota.

Seminar: "Phosphorus & Nitrogen Biogeochemistry: An Ecohydrologist’s Perspective"

The BBE Seminar Series hosts Dr. Todd Walter (Cornell University) on Tuesday, April 26 in the Cargill Building, room 105 at 3pm.

Recorded Seminar: "Why My Boss Pays for My Toys: Hacking Consumer Electronics for Environmental Sensing"

View the recorded seminar of Dr. Ir. Rolf Hut from Thursday, March 31.

NPR + UMN Grand Challenges

BBE Professor Jason Hill weighs in on UMN's bringing professors together from different disciplines to teach about large-scale challenges facing the planet. 

BBE Professor Digs into Fossil Fuel Problems

MN Daily Feature: Jason Hill exposes the truth about fossil fuel impacts on the environment.

Engineering for the Environment

Read about a BBE scholarship student who's passionate about protecting the planet.

New Course: 3D Printing Biomolecular Models

This 1 credit course will be offered as a hands-on introduction to molecular model construction using 3D printing technologies.

Grad School highlights BBSEM Student

Graduate student Gerald Presley cultivates his love of mushrooms and explores their potential as he pursues his doctorate. His research focuses on the metabolism of wood-decay fungi and its unique biochemical repertoire.

BBE Seminar Series: Nov. 10, 3pm

Dr. William Crumpton of Iowa State University will present his seminar titled, "Water quality performance of wetlands receiving nonpoint source nitrogen loads and potential of targeted wetland restoration to reduce nitrogen loads in Iowa."

Schwan's Establishes BBE Graduate Fellowship

BBE is pleased to announce that the Schwan Food Company, a Minnesota-based leader in fine frozen foods, has established a graduate fellowship in food safety in our department.

Visit with BBE at the Minnesota State Fair

Stop by the Eco Experience Building everyday during the Fair or at the Ag/Hort Building on the 28th.

Peter Marchetto Joins BBE Team

BBE is pleased to announce the hiring of Peter Marchetto as Assistant Professor for environmental sensing and agricultural robotics.

BBEUMN is on YouTube

The department is excited to introduce a new media service - a BBEUMN YouTube channel.

4 Reasons to Consider Sustainable Systems Management

Sustainable Systems Management (SSM) is a new major for the University of Minnesota

New Major - Sustainable Systems Management

Regents approve a name change and an update to the curriculum

Memorial Service for Bob Erickson

Join us for a memorial service Saturday, June 6th, 3:00-6:00 p.m., in the Cherrywood Room, at the St. Paul Student Center.

UMN Wins Race to Zero Student Design Competition

University of Minnesota's Team OptiMN is the Grand Winner at DOE's 2015 Race to Zero Student Design Competition!

Biodegradation – It Takes a Village

Find out what professor Jonanthan Schilling and his team are learning from decayed wood!

Systems Approach to Addressing Sustainability: Breaking New Ground

What is clear is that sustainable practices require a new way of thinking. To meet this need, BBE faculty are working with faculty across the University on a variety of issues.

Air Quality Impacts of Biofuels and Other Transportation Options

Researchers looked not only at the end result at the tailpipes but also took into account the full cycle of energy production. 

BBE Launches Redesigned Website

Welcome to the newly redesigned BBE website!

Prospective Students on Campus

A recruitment event for prospective undergraduates highlighted BBE programs, research and students.

BBE's Annual Event Was A Successful Celebration

The 2014 BBE Annual Showcase featured the annual Advisory Council meetings, a recognition luncheon for scholarship recipients and donors, a research poster session, and networking reception. 

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