Three BBE UROPS featured in the 2021 Virtual Undergraduate Research Symposium!

Monday, April 12, 2021

Watch our undergraduate students Marissa Hart, Abby Reinert, and Shreya Shivkumar's virtual presentations via the links below!

  • Marissa Hart's presentation describes a process developed in her research could be a beneficial way to utilize organic waste material from things such as algae or paper mill waste for the production of polymers that could be used in biodegradable bioplastic.  
  • Abby Reinert's presentation goes into research in cellulose filters that were functionalized with amine-abundant polymers and the positive charge of those polymers attracts the negatively charged eDNA shed from invasive species present in water. This research could be used to optimize filters for more accurate and efficient detection of aquatic invasive species. 
  • Shreya Shivkumar's presentation involves the observation of three samples of corn stover, two pretreated and one control, to determine porosity, surface area, and tortuosity of the biomaterial. The greater the porosity, surface area, and tortuosity of the biomaterial, the more likely particles can diffuse through them, providing additional area for reaction to enzymes, and a potential increase in diffusivity.