Faculty Emeriti

Name Position/title Research Email
Frederick Bergsrud Professor Emeritus Land and water resources, water quality, sustainable agriculture bergs003@umn.edu
James L. Bowyer Professor Emeritus Applied wood science, life cycle analysis, environmental and forest policy jbowyer@umn.edu
Roland O. Gertjejansen Professor Emeritus Wood-based composite products rgertjej@umn.edu
Philip Goodrich Professor Emeritus Sustainable waste management engineering, anaerobic digestion, renewable energy goodrich@umn.edu
David T. Grimsrud Professor Emeritus Indoor air quality and building energy efficiency grimsrud@umn.edu
Larry Jacobson Professor Emeritus Livestock housing systems, air emissions jacob007@umn.edu
R. Vance Morey Professor Emeritus Biomass for combined heat and power at ethanol plants, biomass densification, post-harvest issues of grains rvmorey@umn.edu
Harlan D. Petersen Professor Emeritus Wood drying, wood-moisture relations, lumber grading, wood selection and use, and wood products marketing peter016@umn.edu
Elmer L. Schmidt Professor Emeritus Wood deterioration/protection schmi010@umn.edu