umn dairy barn

Agricultural Drainage

Accomplishing the dual objectives of agricultural production while minimizing unwanted environmental effects.

Animal Housing and Livestock Systems

Providing technical education to stakeholders who design, build, and sell animal production facilities in the upper Midwest region.

Cold Climate Housing

Promotes the idea of the "house as a system."

Dairy Facilities

Providing engineering information about compost dairy barns, natural and mechanical ventilation, heat stress, lighting and ventilating tubes for calf barns.

Housing Technology

Improving the safety, durability, and efficiency of homes and buildings.

Irrigation Management

Applying technical knowledge to ensure farmers efficiently apply the right amount of irrigation water as dictated by multiple scientific disciplines.

Manure Management and Air Quality

Providing engineering solutions for the collection and treatment of manure and air emissions from livestock and poultry facilities.

Swine Housing and Equipment

Information on swine housing options and facility management guidelines for pork industry stakeholders including producers.

Swine Manure and Odor Management

Information on manure and odor control systems and management practices for the pork industry stakeholders including producers.