Researchers Directory

Name Title Research Email
Min Addy Researcher 6
Erik Anderson Post-Doctoral Associate Commercialization of renewable energy technologies
Yanling Cheng Researcher
Marilou Cheple Researcher
Kuan Ding Post-Doctoral Associate
Lingkan Ding Post-Doctoral Associate
Brian Hetchler Researcher
Kerry Holmberg Assistant Scientist Water resources management, hydrology, geomorphology
Natalie Hunt Post Doctoral Associate Sustainability, ecosystem modeling, life cycle analysis
Roman Kanivetsky Researcher
Min Min Researcher Precision agriculture, renewable energy, microalgae
Leonard Reynolds Researcher 2 Feedstocks used for paper, biomass characterization
Tom Schirber Fellow Residential building science
David Schmidt Research Engineer and Instructor Air and water quality of animal agriculture systems
Lucas Stolp Assistant Scientist Bioplasticizers, commercial applications for bio-renewable materials
Jingyu Wang Post-Doctoral Associate
Wenguang Zhou Post-Doctoral Associate