Professors Emeriti Directory

Frederick Bergsrud Professor Emeritus Land and water resources, water quality, sustainable agriculture
James L. Bowyer Professor Emeritus Applied wood science, life cycle analysis, environmental and forest policy
Chuck Clanton Professor Emeritus
Roland O. Gertjejansen Professor Emeritus Wood-based composite products
Philip Goodrich Professor Emeritus Sustainable waste management engineering, anaerobic digestion, renewable energy
David T. Grimsrud Professor Emeritus Indoor air quality and building energy efficiency
Larry Jacobson Professor Emeritus Livestock housing systems, air emissions
R. Vance Morey Professor Emeritus Biomass for combined heat and power at ethanol plants, biomass densification, post-harvest issues of grains
Harlan D. Petersen Professor Emeritus Wood drying, wood-moisture relations, lumber grading, wood selection and use, and wood products marketing