Adjunct Faculty Directory

Dharma Kodali Adjunct Professor
Charles Abbas Adjunct Professor
Khalil Ahmad Adjunct Assistant Professor
Laura Babcock Adjunct Faculty Production quality of biobased materials, efficiency in manufacturing biobased materials
Mindy L. Erickson Adjunct Assistant Professor and Research Hydrologist Metals and organic chemicals in groundwater
Gary Feyereisen Adjunct Professor Nutrient cycling in agriculture
Charles Geng Adjunct Professor Biprocess development, implementation and equipment design
Louise Goldberg Adjunct Professor
Sara Heger Adjunct Assistant Professor Wastewater treatment, septic systems
Jeff Howe Adjunct Professor Natural resources, forestry
Sonia Maassel Jacobsen Adjunct Instructor Water management
Roman Kanivetsky Adjunct Professor Water resources, groundwater
Brock Lundberg Adjunct Assistant Professor
Cindy McComas Adjunct Associate Professor Renewable energy and efficiency, pollution prevention
HS Muralidhara Adjunct Professor Biologics, membrane applications
Heidi Peterson Adjunct Professor Soil and water conservation,
Joel Peterson Adjunct Professor
Udah Singh Adjunct Assistant Professor Stormwater management
Goutham Vemuri Adjunct Assistant Professor
Jerrold Winandy Adjunct Professor