Student Spotlight: Naomi Nagel

August 28, 2018

naomi nagel

Name: Naomi Nagel
Year: Senior, anticipated graduation in December 2019
Hometown: Circle, Montana
Major: Bioproducts and biosystems engineering (BBE) with an emphasis in environmental and ecological engineering

Why did you choose this major?

I chose this major because I want to solve large scale environmental problems utilizing mother nature's natural systems.

What do you love about being in this major?

BBE is a smaller major within the College of Science and Engineering, so it feels like there's more of a community between the students and professors. It's also close to 50% women! Our classes are primarily on the St. Paul campus, which is much less of an urban jungle than the Minneapolis campus. This is comforting to me because I grew up on a farm/ranch.

Any advice for students considering the University of Minnesota College of Science and Engineering?

If it is opportunity you seek and you're willing to work hard, come here.

List the clubs, athletics, study abroad, living learning community, etc. you're involved with.

I'm very active in the Food and Bioproducts Engineering Organization where I lead a project that aims to design and build a continuous composter made out of re-purposed materials for organic farmers. I'm also currently serving as a mentorship committee member in the Society of Women Engineers.

List internships, co-ops, and undergrad research experiences (include name of professor and company) you've done or are doing.

I worked for Metropolitan Council's environmental services department as a chemical/environmental engineering intern at its largest wastewater treatment plant in the metro area the summer after my freshman year.

Any U of M scholarships you received?

The department's Academic Leadership Scholarship.