Peng, Alonzi Receive Student Leadership Awards

June 25, 2018
peng peng poses with president kaler for his awardPresident Eric Kaler with Peng Peng.

Graduate student Peng Peng and Class of 2018 graduate Elizabeth Alonzi were recipients of the 2018 President's Student Leadership and Service Award.

What nominators said of Peng:

  • His personal high standard for his work has given him the experience necessary to help others without effort.
  • As the student senator for the College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences, Peng is often recognized by his contribution to the college community. He has been working on improving the infrastructure of the St. Paul campus, and gathering data to for the St. Paul campus strategic plan, which is extremely critical and beneficial for the future development of the St. Paul campus and can enhance the campus environment of the St. Paul campus.

  • As President of CIGS, Peng has demonstrated to be a goal-oriented leader with a resilient mindset. He has a clear idea of the council's mission, and he has always made sure to execute these goals during his service to improve the campus environment for international graduate students.

"I feel honored receiving this award," Peng says. "My research is related to sustainable technologies. During my study, I have come across many successful inventions that have contributed significantly to the field of sustainable development. Through these examples, I realized that the help from communities is critical to realize such technologies. I really enjoy the sense of community offered by the department and the college, so I am just trying my best to strengthen it by serving on the senate and CFANS graduate student board.

"As an international graduate student, I also think that we need to play a bigger role in student advocacy based on our number of enrollment. The international graduate students are a very unique student body, and we have more to offer to the graduate student community and university. So my service as the co-president of the Council of International Graduate Students (CIGS) is trying to provide a platform for international graduate students to share experiences with one another, make our voice heard, and improve our campus experiences."

What a nominator said of Alonzi:

elizabeth alonzi, far right, poses with students and president kaler for their award.President Kaler with award recipients. Elizabeth Alonzi is on the far right.

Elizabeth is an excellent example of a successful student in the classroom, in the campus community, and toward her goals after graduation. Her development in the area of responsibility and accountability is evident through her leadership on campus. As a co-president of the FABEO student group, she has pushed the group to diversify its membership and activities...

Elizabeth has a strong sense of goal orientation for life after graduation; she wants use her education to improve the global environment for all. She has held positions in undergraduate research and internship positions focused on improving agricultural production.

Says Alonzi, "I am so honored to be nominated by Assistant Director of Student Engagement Ben Koch and the College of Science & Engineering for the President's Student Leadership and Service Award and am incredibly excited to say that I have been selected by the University of Minnesota to receive it. I am constantly amazed by my peers at the university and all that they have accomplished, and so to be recognized for this award is truly humbling."

This award recognizes the accomplishments and contributions of outstanding student leaders at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities. It is presented to approximately one-tenth of one percent of the student body for their exceptional leadership and service to the University of Minnesota and the surrounding community.