Kodali, Stolp Honored by American Oil Chemists' Society

June 25, 2018

lucas stolp and dharma kodali smile and pose together.

Congratulations to Dharma Kodali and Lucas Stolp who were recognized at the 2018 American Oil Chemists' Society (AOCS) Annual Meeting and Expo.

Kodali's award

Kodali received the Alton E. Bailey Award for outstanding contributions to and exceptional service in the science and technology of lipids and associated products as well as leadership to AOCS. As an award recipient, he gave a lecture at the meeting titled "Transformation of a Synthetic Chemist into an Oil Alchemist."

What nominators said of Kodali:

  • Dr. Khodali is well known for his work on triglyceride crystallography. He has had a long and distinguished career in the field. His work on trans fat replacement strategies is very well respected.
  • Dr. Kodali has researched and published important works in the areas of polymorphism of triacylglycerols, new approaches for development of oleogels, development of bio-based lubricants, development of new bio-plasticizers, and other industrially important applications.
  • Professor Kodali has been a world-leading scientist in the areas of fats, oils, and lipids. His scientific activities range from chemical syntheses and chemical-physical analyses to food and industrial applications of fats and oils.
  • Dharma has been an AOCS member since 1982! 36 years. Impressive. He has chaired the Industrial Oil Products Division, been involved with the Books and Special Publications Committee, the AOCS Annual Meeting planning, and much more.

Stolp's award

Stolp received the Industrial Oil Products Division Student Excellence Award, which is given to a graduate student presenting in the Industrial Oil Products Division technical program at the AOCS annual meeting.

"I am very appreciative of the selection committee for choosing me to received the 2018 Industrial Oil Products Division Student Excellence Award at the American Oil Chemists Society annual meeting. It is a great honor to have been chosen and I would like to thank Dharma Kodali, Ulrike Tschirner, and Brett Barney for their support of me for this award," Stolp says.