Jacobson Receives 2018 Environmental Steward Award

February 6, 2018
Larry Jacobson, right, stands with Randy McMahon, CEO of Balzer, Inc.Dr. Larry Jacobson, right, stands with Randy McMahon, CEO of Balzer, Inc., the company that sponsored the award.

Note: The following excerpt is from an article about Larry Jacobson winning the Environmental Steward Award, published by the Minnesota Pork Board.

The business of raising pigs has changed exponentially over the years through the adoption of improved production practices, advancements in pig health, and the industry’s unrelenting commitment to improvement has shaped a bright future for the industry.

The 2018 Environmental Steward of the Year has seen the change in pig farming throughout his professional career. Dr. Larry Jacobson played an important role in helping shape some of today’s common industry practices, along with developing the OFFSET Tool still in use today.

“I actually grew up on a dairy farm and didn’t raise any pigs, which was probably an advantage,” Dr. Jacobson said with a laugh.

Dr. Jacobson’s interest in agriculture, science, and math led him to pursue an undergraduate degree in agricultural engineering which led to a life-long career centered around environmental work on animal production farms.

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