Defense Presentations by Graduate Students

June 25, 2018

Congratulations to our graduate students who successfully defended their theses! The following are presentations from August 2017 to June 2018.

Ph.D. defense presentations

  • Erik Andrew Anderson
    "New Technologies for the Complete Rendering and Economic Conversion of Waste Oils to Biofuels"
    Advisor: Roger Ruan
    Note: Anderson will continue to work as a post-doctoral researcher in the department.

  • Islam Hafez
    “Fully Bio-based Adhesive from Enzymatic Saccharification Residue”
    Advisor: William Tze

  • Lori Krider
    “Novel Best Management Practices for Improving Water Quality in Midwestern Agricultural Settings: Field and Lab Applications”
    Advisor: Bruce Wilson

  • Gerald Presley
    “Mechanisms of Decay and Interspecific Interactions of White and Brown Rot Fungi”
    Advisor: Jonathan Schilling

  • Qian Lu
    "Strategies to Cultivate Microalgae on Eutrophic Wastewater for Nutrients Recycling and Biomass Production”
    Advisor: Roger Ruan

  • Peng Peng
    “Sustainable Atmospheric Ammonia Synthesis and Nitrogen Fixation Using Non-Thermal Plasma (NTP)”
    Advisor: Roger Ruan

  • Shunxiang (Sean) Xia
    “Biocatalytic Carbon Capture and Conversion”
    Advisor: Ping Wang
    Note: Xia will move to Texas to join his family and finish another degree in petroleum engineering before pursuing job opportunities in either academics or the industry. His dream is to promote efficient carbon capture strategies for a cleaner energy industry.

M.S. defense presenations

  • Tanner Barnharst
    "Nutrient Transformations by Microorganisms for Novel Animal Feed Products"
    Advisor: Bo Hu

  • Keiran Cantilina
    "The Development of a Novel Capacitive Water Conductivity Sensor"
    Advisor: Peter Marchetto

  • Richard Griffith
    “Chlorella Harvest by Flotation - Electro-Flotation Process”
    Advisor: Roger Ruan

  • Karen Ortega
    “Floating Treatment Wetlands: Inter-Relationships between Engineered Solutions for Nutrient Pollution and their Bodies of Water”
    Advisor: Joe Magner

  • Glen Peterson
    “The Effects of Integrated Chemical Catalysis and Reductive Pretreatment on Hydrothermal Liquefaction Derived Bio-oil Yield, Composition, and Stability”
    Advisor: Ulrike Tschirner

  • Yuchuan Wang
    "Electrochemical Hydrogen Sulfide Removal from Swine Manure"
    Advisor: Bo Hu