2018 Capstone Design Projects and Graduation Reception

June 25, 2018

student capstone team presenting in front of audience

Congratulations to the 14 student teams that successfully completed their capstone design projects this year!

Every spring, senior students from both of our majors—bioproducts and biosystems engineering (BBE) and sustainable systems management (SSM)—take a capstone design course. Students work in teams on projects to solve real-world problems proposed by industry partners. After a semester of work, they present their projects to faculty, grad students, and industry professionals for evaluation. After the presentations, a graduation reception and Order of the Engineer Ceremony are held.

This year's event was held on May 2 at the St. Paul Student Center.

View photos of the 2018 capstone teams, reception, and ceremony

Suggest a project idea for 2019

We are seeking interesting project ideas for next year from industry professionals. If you would like to suggest design project ideas for students to pursue and attend the 2019 capstone presentations, please e-mail bbe@umn.edu.

Thank you

We like to thank the following people who made this year's capstone event possible by contributing design project ideas, served as advisors, and more. We also like to thank our current and retired faculty and researchers for their advice and support. Special thanks to Head Gary Sands who coordinated help with each team and assigned faculty advisors. Thank you, also, to the course instructors.


  • Jennifer Aho, Medtronic
  • Jon Anderson, Land O'Lakes
  • Ted Bather, John Wood Group PLC
  • Bob Branham, Second Harvest Heartland
  • Vince Copa, Chippewa Valley Ethanol Company
  • Dallas Dietz, Concordia Language Villages - Waldsee
  • Matt Domski, Minnesota Technical Assistance Program
  • Walter Eshenaur, ISG
  • Lily Fee, Land O'Lakes
  • Simona Fischer, UMN Center for Sustainable Building Research
  • Kerry Haglund, Efficient Windows Collaborative
  • Karissa Horbal, Cargill
  • Rosta Hruby, Marvin Windows and Doors
  • Bruce Johnson, Viking Forest Products
  • Rengasamy Kasinathan, Environmental Engineering Solutions, P.C.
  • Brian Korver, Schwan's Company
  • Kraig Melin, Sappi Fine Paper
  • Maggie Nelson, Cargill
  • Paul Pagel, Minnesota Technical Assistance Program
  • Dan Peterson (retired), Toro
  • Tom Ritzer, UMN Facilities Management
  • Jason Roth, USDA Natural Resources Conservation Service
  • Eric Sannerud, Mighty Axe Hops
  • Brad Stahlecker, Schwan's Company
  • Christina Vang, Second Harvest Heartland
  • Brian Wahl, Andersen Corporation
  • Ben Wallace, Marvin Windows and Doors
  • Billy Weber, UMN Center for Sustainable Building Research

Department faculty and researchers

  • Min Addy
  • Chuck Clanton
  • Erin Cortus
  • Rob Gardner
  • Peter Huang
  • Bo Hu
  • Pat Huelmann
  • Kevin Janni
  • Chris Lenhart
  • Hongjian Lin
  • Shri Ramaswamy
  • Roger Ruan
  • David Schmidt

Course instructors

BBE instructors

  • Sonia Maassel Jacobsen
  • Jonathan Chaplin

SSM instructors

  • Omar Espinoza
  • Jason Hill
  • Natalie Hunt

Student capstone teams

BBE teams

  • Using Algal Turf Scrubbers on Anaerobically Digested Cow Manure Wastewater
    Olivia Crowell, Sangwon Lee, Abhishek Thakar

  • SAPPI Coating Screening Improvement
    Joey Nelson, Neil Raymo, Nyssa Stoll

  • Spray Dryer Heat Recovery in collaboration with Land O’ Lakes
    Jennifer Arsjad, Sethey Ben, Andrew Bird, Oliver Lee

  • Bioplastic from Coconut Coir Pith
    Erin Haug, Felipe Reyes, Patricia Popescu, Alex Papadakis

  • Solar Array Design for Minnesota Building
    Shaun Lee Andler Pascual, Justin Panka, Logan Rudolph Lavalier, Lauren Semingson

  • Schwan’s Waste Stream Solution
    Marc Baldemor, Alexi Glenn, Noelle Soriano

  • Energy Production through Anaerobic Digestion as a Form of Food Waste Management for a Local Food Bank
    Elizabeth Alonzi, Janice Palmer, Madeleine Seeger, Leif van Lierop

  • Aerobic Biomass Waste Utilization
    Jack Anderson, Sabrina Goetz-Padilla, Justin Herz, Joel Updyke

  • St. Paul Trail Restoration
    Joe Feuerstein, Kelsey Franz, Emily Johnson, Mose McLain

  • Beach Access Road Stabilization
    Craig Felt, Alison Ford, Linnea Savereide, Christi Wahlstrom

  • Agricultural Drainage: A Nutrient and Sediment Reduction Plan
    John Mueller, Sam Padelford, Sierra Schadegg, Alex Van Kirk

SSM teams

  • Potential for Renewable Energy Powered Facilities
    James Kyte, Tom Streif, Minette Saulog

  • The Value of Higher Performance Windows
    Juan Silva, Ming Sum Chu, Jaron Shodeen

  • Low VOC Paint Selection
    Anna Grace, Judy Anne De Veyra, Wil Larson