BBE 8002 Graduate Seminar Series

March 26, 2018

Doctoral students in our BBE 8002 Seminar II course will be giving a series of seminars as part of the curriculum. Topics for seminars will vary, but they will all be about new developments in biosystems and agricultural engineering.

All are welcome. As an attendee, you will have a chance to evaluate their presentations, which will play an important part in determining their grades in the course.

Spring 2018 schedule

  • Monday, March 26
    • "Fenton Reaction Control as the Brown Rot Fungus Postia placenta Oxidatively Decays Wood" by Jesus Castano Uruena
    • "Algal Assisted Nutrient Removal from Municipal Wastewater in a Sequential Batch Reactor" by Carlise Sorenson
  • Monday, April 2
    • "Effects of Chemical Catalysis on Hydrothermal Liquefaction Derived Bio-oil Composition and Stability" by Glen Peterson
    • "ZSM-5 Coatings on SiC Foam Support as a Composite Catalyst for Microwave-assisted Pyrolysis of Biomass" by Nan Zhou
  • Monday, April 9
    • "Air Pollution Impacts from U.S. Soybean Production" by Kimberly Colgan
    • "Air Quality Impacts from Livestock Production in the U.S." by Nina Domingo
  • Monday, April 16
    • "Power Sources for Active Tagging Technologies" by Hanna Lin
    • "How RGB, Infrared and Hyperspectral Cameras on Drones Can Help Farmers" by Stijn Vandycke
  • Monday, April 23
    • "Resilience of Floating Treatment Wetlands to Repeated Freeze-Thaw Cycles" by Ren Ortega
    • "Market Identification and Strategy Recommendation for Value-Added Urban and Reclaimed Wood Firms" by Anna Pitti