Peter Marchetto Joins BBE Team

July 8, 2015

Peter Marchetto, Assistant ProfessorThe Department of Bioproducts and Biosystems Engineering is happy to announce the hiring of Peter Marchetto for the position of Assistant Professor.  This new position is part of the MnDrive RSAM (Robotics, Sensing and Manufacturing) initiative. 

Marchetto recently received his Ph.D. from Cornell University.  His research is focused on how to get data from the natural environment out of the field and into a form that can be used to make decisions. He makes sensors and sensing systems that can be deployed statically, or dynamically on rovers or UAVs, which can be used to check anything from the methane off-gassing of a manure pool, water quality of agricultural runoffs to whether invasive species of fish are swimming up the Mississippi. Of particular interest to him are open biological problems, especially in agriculture, silviculture, and natural resource management, where sensing systems will allow for new data to answer old questions, such as in stream gauging, water and air quality assessment, and in regions drastically affected by climate change.

Marchetto will be on campus is August for orientation but will officially begin in January.