New Course: 3D Printing Biomolecular Models

December 1, 2015

New this Spring!
3d printing examples

BBE3480: Special Topics Course - 3D Printing of Biomolecular Models

Spring Semester 2016
Thursdays 3:00-5:00 PM
BioAgEng Building, Room 308
1 Credit Course

Instructor: Brett Barney,

Description: This 1 credit course will be offered as a hands-on introduction to molecular model construction using 3D printing technologies. The goal of the course will be to introduce students to the potential to construct small biomolecules (including proteins) using 3D visualization software, then exporting these structures into 3D CAD software and eventually printing out the structure using a 3D printer. Several current models that illustrate enzyme active sites, bound substrates/products/intermediates will be used for case studies. Examples will be selected for students to construct a 3D model. Then, based on student numbers, project complexity and time requirements, we will attempt to print out and complete a final project for each student. Prerequisites. Though not required, a general understanding of chemistry is expected, along with either some biology or biochemistry. We will discuss cases studies where some knowledge of chemical reactions would be beneficial as well. All software utilized for this course will be available online, and some classes will be held in a computer lab.

Grading: The course will be graded based on several projects of increasing complexity to construct simple models, and will primarily focus on a final project agreed upon by the instructor and the student.